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Other Log-structured filesystems

F2FS -- Flash-Friendly File System
Log-Structured Filesystem for NetBSD
LinLogFS -- A Log-Structured Filesystem For Linux
LFS: A Log Structured File System for Linux that Supports Snapshots
Log-structured file system for Linux 2.6
LogFS -- a scalable flash filesystem (broken link)
Log-structured File System (Wikipedia article)

Related Papers

Sprite LFS
Mendel Rosenblum and John K. Ousterhout; The Design and Implementation of a Log-Structured File System, Proceedings of the 13th Symposium on Operating System Principles, pages 1--15, October 1991.
Margo Seltzer, Keith Bostic, Marshall Kirk McKusick, Carl Staelin, An Implementation of a Log-Structured File System for UNIX, USENIX Winter 1993.
Christian Czezatke, M. Anton Ertl; LinLogFS - A Log-Structured Filesystem For Linux, USENIX Annual Conference, June 2000.
Elephant file system
D.J. Santry, M.J. Feeley, N.C. Hutchinson, A.C. Veitch, R.W. Carton, J. Ofir. Deciding when to forget in the Elephant file system. Proc. of the 17th ACM symposium on Operating systems principles, 1999.
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