Welcome to NILFS

NILFS is a log-structured file system supporting versioning of the entire file system and continuous snapshotting which allows users to even restore files mistakenly overwritten or destroyed just a few seconds ago.

NILFS was developed by NTT Laboratories and published as an open-source software under GPL license, and now available as a part of Linux kernel.

This site provides information and resources related to the NILFS filesystem.

*** Fake site warning ***

''www.nilfs.org'' has been reopened as a fake site by a third party after we abandoned the domain in September 2014. The fake site defaces the original content, leading visitors to unrelated websites, so please be careful not to go to the site mistakenly. NILFS community and NTT are absolutely not related to this fake site.

The official NILFS website is nilfs.sourceforge.net or nilfs.osdn.jp (mirror site). Please use these sites when accessing information related to NILFS.

Latest News

  • NILFS utilities 2.2.6 was released. A maintenance release with some fixes. Fix issues with libnilfs including potential memory access overrun, etc that can happen when cleanerd, dumpseg command, or nilfs-resize parses corrupted segments.
    -- Oct 10, 2016 JST.
  • NILFS utilities 2.2.5 was released. Fix various issues that happen when the system time is changed to earlier time or future.
    -- Sep 4, 2016 JST.
  • nilfs2-kmod6 version 1.1.1 was released. Back-port fixes including a potential kernel crash issue. For details, please see ChangeLog file or commit logs.
    -- Jul 23, 2016 JST.

Old news

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