Public Git Repositories

Git repositories of nilfs-related packages are available at github.

Getting Source Code Using Git

You can get the source code of NILFS utilities with "git clone" command:

 $ git clone git://

Some standalone kernel modules of NILFS2 are also obtainable in the same manner. For instance, the latest source code of kernel module for CentOS 7 (or other RHEL 7 clones) can be downloaded as follows:

$ git clone git://

These repositories can be updated with "git pull" command. Please see for further information.

Preparations To Build nilfs-utils

Since nilfs-utils repository doesn't include any intermediate files, you need to run first.

 $ cd nilfs-utils
 $ ./

This may require libtool, autoconf (-2.6 or later), and automake packages.

Then, you will be able to build & install utilities in the usual manner:

 $ ./configure
 $ make
 $ sudo make install

You may need or want to tweak build options. For details on build options, please see the README file contained in nilfs-utils.

Good luck!

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